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Pavika Sriratanaban


Faculty of Political Science (คณะรัฐศาสตร์)

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Master of Arts

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Master's Degree

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International Development Studies




As we look around the study area, especially in the mountain areas and control over the ethnic armed groups areas, it is not hard to see the drug users and the other chemical substances selling and opium cultivation in the mountain areas. According to the drug dependents the opium cultivation can earn more money and easier than the other crops. As Lashio situated on the China- Myanmar Border Highway Road, China is the main producer of the chemical substances and importer to Myanmar. Because of the geographical situation, the study area is abundant in drug substances and chemical tablets. Heroin and amphetamine are the most popular moreover the number of drug dependents increasing according to the conversations and surrounding justice. This research also examines what is happening in actuality concerning on drug abuse regarding with the instability of political situations in Myanmar. Furthermore, this research analyses some beliefs and myths of drug use in local community, the weakness of knowledge (their practices), education level and the other internal factors which is called social factors influenced the causes of drug abuse. In the study area, it is not hard to find out the drug addicted person not only adult but also teenager in everywhere the meaning of drug use and why they became addicted to drug substances are also included. One of the key priorities of this research include how the Narcotic Drug Control policy 2018 is working during 1 year in actuality and the perceptions change under the mechanism of the new policy also discussed. The analysis of this field research concluded with the findings according to the conversations with 6 drug dependents who registered at the methadone clinic and 2 key informants with health provider and community leader using qualitative method design, consisting of in- depth interviews. This research showing greater focus on the causes of drug addiction, the role of drugs on drug dependents, moreover as the drug abuse is the trigger problems in Myanmar not only the community but also the government have to participate in harm reduction and demand reduction processes under the mechanism of the new policy to change the perceptions of the local people.

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Sociology Commons



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