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Japan has been the top investor in Thailand since the end of WWII. In 1972, following violent protests against Japanese investment, the Japanese government established the Japan Foundation as the main agency to take care of cultural diplomacy. Though under the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Japanese business community financially contributed to its establishment from the beginning. In addition, Japanese business in Th ailand continuously cooperated with the government in its cultural diplomatic activities. Th eir daily operation created an atmosphere for human exchange which led to understanding between peoples of different cultures. Japanese investment promoted the mobility of labor, both blue and white collar alike. At the international level, Japanese managers were sent to local business facilities and local staff were sent to Japan as a part of human resource development. The economic sphere was the main driver of globalization. In the case of Thailand and Japan, mobility of people took place mainly because of economic interaction. When the economic relationship was disturbed it was the cultural sphere of people-to-people relations that restored the overall relationship between Thailand and Japan.



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