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Over 2600 years, the caste system has lasted in Indian society. In the course of time, it has been more complicated and rigid, the complexity and rigidity has now been maintained under the Hindu norm. Buddhism, even poses against the caste system, has never rooted out the physical system. The Buddha accepted that the caste system was an obstacle to social justices, but not to enlightenment in terms of right view. So he launched a campaign to convert people to wisdom based on morality. He won much success and was so warmly welcomed by all classes and castes that he could establish the Sangha (the Order). It was, not only the center of people from walks of life, but also the main helper to spread his teachings around India of the time. Consequently, Buddhism became a new popular choice and finally the Buddha, the founder, the rising star, too. In the past, many times under the changing circumstances of Indian society and polity, Buddhism encountered the unexpected role losses and sometimes seemed to be forgotten. However, by voices of the Untouchables, Buddhism has been revived for their refuge. In their believes, under the shadow of Buddhism, they are human beings and receive human treatment, that is all they need. So, it is not strange, millions of the Untouchables pleasantly converted to Buddhism and more millions will follow them. In Buddhist idea, the Law of Kamma taught by the Buddha is the Law of Justice. People get what they did, either good or bad. None can avoid his deeds as long as he remains in the circle of birth and death. Only Kamma truly decides a human value, but the caste system cannot.



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