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The purpose of this article is to study the adaptation of the Tai- Lao people's traditional beliefs to Buddhism. The study is based on 5 important Lan Xang literary works, namely Khun Bourom , Thao Ba Jueng , Phaya Khankhak , Khu Lu- Nang Oua and Pha Daeng - Nang Ai. The result of the study reveals that these works are traditionally oral tales of the Tai-Laos people, which were composed in written form only after the reign of King Vixul of the Lan Xang Kingdom ( A.D.1500- 1520). It is supposed that most of the poet authors were Buddhist monks and these literary works are mainly read to audiences during Buddhist ceremonies and feasts. In the process of re-creating these oral tales into written forms, some episodes and significant characters have been transformed to accommodate to Buddhism. Thus, it may be concluded that these myths and tales are adapted and 'transformed' into Buddhist literature.



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