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On-site stormwater detention system within a residential property is meant for an environmental protection device that temporarily stores stormwater within the property lot to mitigate flash flood, particularly during rainy seasons brought by the northeast monsoon. A field test was constructed in a house's car porch with a 4.40 m x 4.70 m x 0.45 m tank filled with precast-concrete modular units with an effective storage volume of 3.97 m3. The system received water from a 95 m2 house roof via 0.1 m diameter pipe, discharged water via 0.05 m diameter pipe. It had recorded six observed storm events coincided with the 2019/2020 monsoon season that consisted 20 - 50 mm peak hourly rainfall, 0.0007 - 0.0018 m3 s-1 inflow, 0.0005 - 0.0012 m3 s-1 outflow and 0.21 - 0.47 m water level. Another four historical storm events coincided with the monsoon from 2015 - 2017 were sourced to augment the analysis. A computer model developed using the storm water management model was calibrated and verified using the six observed events. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov goodness of fit tests between the observed and modelled cumulative distributions had produced 0.01 - 0.14 maximum vertical distances that were lower than the 0.41 - 0.68 critical values indicating close matches. As such, the calibrated and verified model was used to simulate the historical storm events with 40 - 50 mm peak hourly rainfall and produced 0.0010 - 0.0013 m3 s-1 inflow, 0.00072 - 0.00076 m3 s-1 outflow and 0.41 - 0.45 m water level. By combining the field test and computer simulation model, it was found the system was able to contain all stormwaters from northeast monsoon. However, it had a weakness which the system was approaching its maximum capacity once the peak hourly rainfall exceeded 45 mm. With sucha procedure in place, improvement could be carried out.

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