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The weather radar is one of the tools that can provide spatio-temporal information for nowcast which is useful for hydro-meteorological disasters warning and mitigation system. The ground-based weather radar can provide spatial and temporal information to monitor severe storm over the risky area. However, the usage of multiple radars can provide more effective information over large study area where single radar beam may be blocked by surrounding terrain Even though, the investigation of the sever storm physical characteristics needs the information from multiple radars, the mosaicked radar product has not been available for Thai researcher yet. In this study, algorithm of mosaicked radar reflectivity has been developed by using data from ground-based radar of Thai Meteorological Department over the Chao Phraya river basin in the middle of Thailand. The Python script associated with OpenCV and Wradlib libraries were used in our investigations of the mosaicking processes. The radar quality index (RQI) field has been developed by implementing an equation of a quality radar index to identify the reliability of each mosaicked radar reflectivity pixels. First, the percentage of beam blockage is computed to understand the radar beam propagation obstructed by surrounding topography in order to clarify the limitations of the observed beam on producing radar reflectivity maps. Second, the elevation of beam propagation associated with distance field has been computed. Then, these three parameters and the obtained percentage of beam blockage are utilized as the parameters in the equation of RQI. Finally, the detected radar flare, non-precipitating radar area, has been included to the RQI field. Then, the RQI field has been applied to the extracted radar reflectivity to evaluate the quality of mosaicked radar reflectivity to inform end user in any application fields over the Chao Phraya river basin.

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