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With the lack of baseline information on avifauna within Bicol University and the adjacent forest fragment, this research aimed to identify bird species and compare their presence between an urbanized and forest areas. Avian diversity was documented within the Kalikasan Park and Bicol University Main Campus adjacent ecosystems, representing a forest fragment and semi-urbanized ecosystems, respectively. Bird survey was carried out through point count method. Identification was aided by existing taxonomic keys. A total of 44 species were recorded with eleven as Philippine endemics. Lonchura malacca(Chestnut Munia) and Aplonis panayensis (Asian Glossy Starling) were among the most frequently sighted. Bird species sighted was higher in the forest fragment as compared with the main campus area. The study recommends that Bicol University Main campus be transformed into an avian buffer and safe zone for the protection and conservation of these species and to provide policies to maintain high bird diversity.

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