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This study investigated the dietary diversity and biomass of the elephants (Elephas maximus) ranging in the area adjoining Kaeng Krachan Natural Park, Pa Deng Sub-district, Kaeng Krachan District, Petchaburi Province, Thailand. The investigation was conducted by recon-naissance survey transect (Recce) combined with concentric sample plots with 3 different radii to observe vegetation and collect data on trees, saplings, seedlings, and undergrowth from 89 locations in the study area. Six transects along elephant feeding trails were surveyed at 200 m intervals within 15 m from the center of both sides of each line. The vegetation comprised in all 57 families and 140 plant species, of which 28 families and 51 species formed part of the elephant diets. The average biomass in the study area ranged from 8,314-65,863 tons km-2, with an average of 25,000 tons km-2. Huay Rae - Hub Pla Kang trail found the greatest amount of biomass which is 65,863 tons km-2.

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