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Driver fatigue is a recognized risk factor for commercial road transport industry drivers. The aim of this cross-sectional research was to assess the fatigue and its determining factors among 99 chemical transportation drivers in Chonburi. Driving fatigue was assessed by both subjective questionnaire (n = 99) and flicker fusion instrument (n = 88). The association between driving fatigue and related factors were analyzed by Pearson's correlation and Chi-square (?2). The results revealed that the prevalence of fatigue as assessed by critical flicker fusion analyzer, subjective fatigue question and either one of the instruments were 32.32 %, 16.16 % and 43.43 %, respectively. Multiple regression analysis indicated that the predictive factors of objective fatigue were alcohol drinking, musculoskeletal disorder and road accident history. The results suggest thatscreening for alcohol use and musculoskeletal disorders was further needed for policy settings and routine checks.

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