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This study investigated the effect of cement dust emitted from Dangote cement factory, Ibese, Ogun State, Nigeria on the environment and human health. Soil and plant samples were collected from six sampling points at different distances i.e. inside the factory kiln (IFK), the factory gate (TFG ? 50 m); Abule Oke (AOK ? 100 m), Maria (MAR ? 200 m), and Ibese (IBE ? 300m), based on the prevailing wind direction. Control samples were taken opposite the wind direction at ILA (Ilaro) about 1,000 m. Cu, Zn, Mn, Pb, Ni and Cd were analyzed in the samples using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Air quality and noise levels were monitored using standard me-thods. Sulphur dioxide, oxides of nitrogen (NOx), total suspended particulate matter and noise concentrations ranged from 7-25 ppm, 0.1-0.2 ppm, 101-13,056 ug m-3 and 72.1-98.2 dB, respectively, which were higher than USEPA standard. Heavy metals in soils were in the order of: MAR> IFK>AOK>IBE>ILA>TFG for Cu, AOK>MAR>IFK>TFG>ILA>IBE for Zn, IBE>IFK> MAR>AOK>TFG>ILA for Cd, IBE>AOK>MAR>TFG>IFK>ILA for Mn, IBE>AOK> TFG>MAR>ILA>IFK>IBE for Pb and MAR>TFG>AOK>IBE>ILA>IFK for Ni. Health-related characteristics of the respondents also showed that 2.5% had allergies that hindered breathing, while 3.75% had difficulty in smelling. Health risk assessment showed that in-gestion is the major pathway of exposure to heavy metals in soil samples for both children and adults. Cd, Mn, Ni and Pb pose non-cancer risks to children, while only Cd and Mn pose non-cancer risks to adults. Ni and Pb pose the greatest cancer risk to children. In cassava leaves and tubers Pb was the only metal found to pose cancer risk in both children and adults.

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