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The construction project for the developed area in Kaeng Khoi District, Saraburi Province, Thailand, drafted by Chulalongkorn University has raised various concerns over environmental impacts, particularly relating to public health and air quality. In order to investigate impacts of this project, air quality sampling was conducted in Tan Diew Sub-district, Huai Haeng Sub-district, Cham Pak Paew Sub-district and some surrounding sites of Chulalongkorn developed area by gravimetric method using a high volume air sampling machine. Two types of particulate matter including total suspended particulate matter (TSP) and particulate matter < 10 µm (PM10) were continuously monitored during all 3 seasons for a study period of 3 years in order to compare the effect of seasonal variation on the amount of particulate matter generated in each study area, to study the correlation between TSP and PM10, and finally to identify other causal factors related to particulate levels. Results from this study indicated that TSP and PM10 both reached the highest in winter followed by summer and appeared to be at the lowest level during the rainy season. In addition, causal factors such as wind direction and human activities also influenced particulate levels in each study area.

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