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The objective of this study is to explore the potential of producing energy from open-dump solidwaste from Rajamangala University of Technology Isan Surin Campus. Heating value as well as thephysical and chemical compositions were analyzed. The composition and heating value were comparedto refuse-derived fuel quality standard. All waste samples were separated into combustible and non-com-bustible matter. Paper, plastic, food residue, textiles, rubber and leather were classified as combustible. In excess of ninety-nine (99%) of open dump waste consisted of combustible matteras follows: mixed plastic (45%), textile (19%), food residue (18%), paper (14%), and leather and rubber (3%). Non-combustible composted inert material consisted of only 1% of the open-dump solid waste. Moisture and total solid contents of open-dump solid waste were 51.6% and 48.4% (wet basis) respectively. Volatile matterand ash contents of those were 95.14% and 4.37% (dry basis) respectively. The heating value of the open-dump solid waste was 29 MJ kg-1, which is higher than the refusederived fuel quality standard and re-sults reported in earlier studies [8,10,14]. This indicated the potential of open-dump solid waste to produce refuse-derived fuel (RDF). Therefore, it is possible that energyrecovery through RDF production can be an effective waste management option for Rajamangala University of Technology Isan,Surin Campus. Further study should focus on production of RDF in terms of moisture content removal and compositions of RDF. Furthermore, characteristics of RDF should be determined to explore alter-native sources of renewable energy.

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