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This paper was intended to review literature related to indoor air quality research conducted in Thailand during the past decade. The content was devoted to a certain indoor pollutant group which were volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs were present indoors to a wide range of concentrations with a variety of chemical species. This paper discussed the VOC investigations designated to non-industrial microenvironments, which included workplaces, residences, and mass transit. Typically, levels of VOCs found in the nonindustrial microenvironments were significantly less than those found in industries. Although concentrations of VOCs in the non-industrial microenvironments may not be high enough to ause an acute health effect, the concentrations even at or below odor thresholds could result in "sick building syndromes (SBS)" with health symptoms including headaches, mucous membrane irritation, dizziness, etc. Furthermore, this paper was extended to discuss VOC mitigation methods, including source control, ventilation, and air cleaning. Each method was briefly described for their theoretical aspects, application examples, and their implementation considerations.

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