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This research focused on the bed sediment transport during wet season in Mae Tao Creek, Mae Sot District, Tak Province. Sediment was the main source of cadmium transport in Mae Tao Creek. MIKE 11 was used to model the channel flow and bed sediment transport. The model was run in hydrodynamic (HD) and sediment transport module (ST). Time series of water depth from May to October were used to calibrate the hydrodynamics of the creek. The reliability of hydrodynamic results was evaluated based on the correlation coefficient (CC) and Root Mean Square Error (RMSE). The CC and RMSE obtained during this study were 0.85 and 0.06, respectively. The hydrodynamic results were input into the ST module to obtain the rate of bed sediment transport. The results showed that at the downstream part of the creek, the accumulated bed sediment transport during wet season was equal to 13.32×104 kg.

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