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This research studied the potential of a recyclable waste bank (RWB) Sub-Sin Pattana Community, Bang Khun Thien District, Bangkok in reduction of volumes of community waste. Problems and obstacles in implementing the project were also studied. Data were collected by recyclable waste (RW) analysis, questionnaire and in-depth interview with the members and committee of RWB project. Data sources were 10 waste samples taken from 10 households, 79 respondents of structured questionnaire, 12 respondents of in-depth interview (including 10 members and 2 committee staff of the project). The study found that people registered with the RWB project sorted their waste before disposal, and sold RW to the project with 20 % cheaper than other junk shops. The profit gained from the 20 % price difference was used to improve the environment and organize public activities in the community sorting waste before disposal. The amount of domestic waste from 10 households participated in the project were reduced to 182.09 kg month-1 from 647.79 kg month-1. In case all households in the community participated in the project, the amount of waste will be reduced to 6,828.38 month-1 from 24,292.13 month-1. However, currently most residents in the community did not participate in the project due to less profit when they sold RW to the bank instead of other junk shops. In addition, the offered price of the project was unstable. Therefore, in order to improve the project, community and project committee should run campaigns to enhance public acceptance and participation. Such campaigns would help increase environmental awareness in the community and encourage people to participate in the project and sort their domestic waste before disposal.

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