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Total daily dietary arsenic intake by adults in Ronphibun district, within Thailand has been re-evaluated via duplicate portion sampling and atomic absorption spectrophotometer determination of the arsenic. Hundred duplicate diet samples were collected from participants. The ranges of arsenic concentration in diets were between 0.49 and 1.33 µg g-1, lower than the Thailand Standard value of 2 µg g-1. The daily intake of total arsenic in the Ronphibun villagers ranged between 130.72 and 550.26 µg d-1 with a mean of 274.97 µg d-1 (SD = 74.78 µg d-1). Daily arsenic intakes of males (mean \inline \pm SD; 297.89 \inline \pm 87.95 µg d-1) were statistically higher than females (mean \inline \pm SD; 252.06 \inline \pm 51.75 µg d-1) (p-value < 0.05).

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