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Lam Ta Kong Watershed, a sub-basin of Mun Basin, has had a high economical growing rate. Along with that comes a growing demand for water and there was only one source of water, the Lam Ta Kong Reservoir, to support all activities within the watershed. As a result, the Lam Ta Kong Watershed has had a long history of water shortage and it might cause another water conflict in the future. This research aimed to analyze the water scarcity among the different sectors in the Lam Ta Kong Watershed which was subject to the economic and spatial development plan of the government. This study was divided into 11 scenarios to evaluate the water use under the limitation of its water resource. The results of this study showed that the Lam Ta Kong Watershed was on the brink of a water shortage and that this problem was estimated peak in the year 2024. In reference to the forecast of water demand in Lam Ta Kong Watershed, it was found that in 2024 the water demand was estimated to be 324.63 MCM. Therefore, the water demand in Lam Ta Kong Watershed was predicted to exceed its water budget by 153.61 MCM. Water use In Nakhonrachasima City was predicted to Increase and this was expected to be a key factor in the upcoming water deficit. Moreover, a water conflict among the different sectors in the watershed could be expected. Also, Nakhonrachasima City has had a more authoritative reach to the water resource and the water allocation policy of the Lam Ta Kong Watershed prioritized the domestic water consumption of Nakhonrachasima City For these reasons, the water conflict might eventually cause a social conflict between the urban and agricultural sectors or agnculturist and local government. Therefore, the government was suggested to plan a water resource management to allocate water resources to all involved sectors covering the supply and demand sides in the upstream and downstream areas. Also, an area-based analysis of the spatial and economic deveLopment plan was necessary to sustain the development in he Lam Ta Kong Watershed.

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