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The objective of the research was to develop the environmental education in knowledge, attitude, practice and participation on model “KAPP” concerning the natural energy with the evaluation model “CIPPIF” via mixed media. This research is the semi -experiential research by using three specific media channels; television (Thai Army Channel 5), radio (Bangkok F.M 101.0 MHz.) and internet (http:/www. deptofeducaton.net). The production of material was produced and broadcasted according to cost and nature of media.
The audiences from the television, radio, and internet were randomly selected to join a participation activity seminar which was hold at the end of the research. The information was gathered and collected from the audiences. The pretest and posttest were be used. The conceptual framework of the study was also evaluated. The research developed the environmental education model “KAPP” via three media; television, radio and internet. The study was evaluated by the model “CIPPIF”. The three media and the seminar made an opportunity for the audiences to express their perceptions via the feedback channel (two way communication) such as a letter and a telephone.
It is found that the perception on the environmental education was increased significantly in audiences’ mind. The increasing of knowledge, attitude, practice and the participation (KAPP) in environmental education came from the media consumption behavior. Two more new factors (impact and the feedback) were added in the model "CIPPIF". The development of the model is to evaluate the environmental education perception of the audiences. Finally, good communication will help in developing the “KAPP” on the environmental education and end up with the energy preservation.

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