Applied Environmental Research


Wasna Sornmani

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The intellectual function of children in a small village, whose houses were situated along a road overlaid with battery casing was investigated. Sixty children between 0 - 15 years of age were studied, divided into three age groups, 0 - 3 years of age, 3 - 6 years of age and 6 - 15 years. Testing was carried out using the Denver Developmental Screening Test for the youngest group, the Standford-Binet Form L-M for the 3 - 6 years group, and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for the school group. The Bender-Gestalt Test was given to examine neuropsychological function. All groups were examined for lead levels from the blood and hair. The infant group showed signs of severe language defects which led to impairment in cognitive and verbal function. The 3 - 6 years group showed impairment of visual function and •some speech problem but the school-age group revealed no significant impairment of general intelligence-though they did suffer from prominent visual-motor impairment. Correlation of intellectual capacity with the lead level in the blood and hair suggested some relationship between the two. Several other factors were examined for their possible relationship to psychological disorders.

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