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A slug fed batch reactor system was operated to determine the effects of nickel on the completely mixed activated sludge process. The model units were located in a constant temperature room maintained at 20° + 2° C. The batch reactors were operated under acclimated and shock loaded condition with various nickel concentration to determine the rate of COD removal, COD remove! efficiency biokinetic constant Y , and nickel uptake. max Based on the results obtained, it is clearly possible to see the influence of nickel on COD removal rate, COD removal efficiency, biokinetic constant Y , and nickel uptake at various nicmax kel concentrations. COD removal efficiency was not greatly effected by nickel present in wastewater at 1, 5 and 10 mg/l of Ni(II). However, the ·biokinetic constant Y was effected by the shock dosage max of nickel 1 and 5 mg/1 of Ni(II). Nickel uptake rate was dependent on nickel concentration and loading condition.

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