The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


This study aims to develop a prototype rumen pH and rumen temperature measuring device for continuous measurement. The benefit is for the monitoring and early diagnosis of metabolic diseases in cattle, especially rumen acidosis and subacute ruminal acidosis. The developed prototype device was approximately 50 millimeters in diameter, 145 millimeters in length and weighed 400 grams. The outer structure of the prototype was made from abs plastic made by a 3D printer, while the internal device contained pH and temperature sensors, a microcontroller and battery. The prototype was placed in the ventral sac of the rumen of fistulated cattle for three days to test the transfer of pH and temperature data. It was found that the pH drifted over time while the temperature remained stable. The pH and temperature signals showed a fast response after feeding. The rumen pH and rumen temperature measured with the prototype were 5.3 - 7.0 and 37.25 - 38.75, respectively. The pH drift over 48 and 72 hours was around 0.15 and 0.28, respectively.



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