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The potential of Girolando cattle from Brazil has generated much interest in the Philippines and the possibility of their importation to contribute to the latter’s dairy industry development has been raised. The most crucial issue that needs to be addressed is the probable introduction of exotic livestock diseases or pathogens of different strains like Foot-and-Mouth Disease virus (FMDv) which might destroy the Philippines’ livestock industry. This study involved only the work required to conduct a preliminary qualitative risk analysis (RA) on the likelihood of FMDv being reintroduced into the Philippines through the importation of Girolando cattle from FMD-free zones with vaccination in Brazil. Data was obtained from published scientific articles, OIE website and USDA RA report on FMD. The steps of RA: hazard identification, risk assessment (release, exposure, consequence and risk estimation), risk management and risk communication were used. With a low probability of occurrence and a high total assessed consequences in animal health, the overall estimated risk is quite high. Risk management options and risk communication guidelines were formulated. A more comprehensive RA to capture expert opinions and first-hand information from involved veterinary authorities including an in-depth study on the possible risk factors at the source-farms is recommended.



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