The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Ongole grade cattle (Bos indicus) are Indonesian beef cattle that adapt well in a tropical climate. This study was aimed to observe the genetic diversity of partial Sex-determining of the region Y chromosome (SRY) gene (625 bp) in Ongole grade bulls (Bos indicus) of Indonesia. A total twenty-three (23) DNA samples of animal studies were collected from frozen sperm (straws) produced by the National Artificial Insemination Centers (NAICs) of Lembang (13 straws) and Singosari (10 straws). Research showed that a total of four (4) insertion mutations were detected in the intronic region with the position of 1831th, 1844th, 1850th and 1859th nucleotides (GenBank: DQ336528.2). Hence, in total, six (6) haplotypes of SRY gene were detected in this study based on these mutations. However, the haplotype 1 (Hap.1) was observed as the common haplotype of animal studies (0.61). The phylogenetic tree revealed that all animal studies were classified into the Bos indicus cluster. In conclusion, the Ongole grade bulls in this study included the Indicine lineage with no genetic introgression from Bos taurus and Bos javanicus.

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