The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


This case report describes the successful use of fluralaner in treating demodicosis caused by Demodex cati in a cat. A 4.2 kg 10 – year – old spayed female Siamese short – haired cat was presented with a 5 – month history of severe dermatitis. The cat had been treated at previous animal hospitals with a variety of drugs such as antimicrobials, glucocorticoids and ectoparasiticides on separate occasions but the clinical signs remained severe. Microscopic examination of skin samples revealed the presence of D. cati. The cat was treated with a single dose of spot – on formulation of fluralaner at the minimum dosage of 25 mg/kg. The cat’s skin lesions decreased by day 21 and the skin lesions were resolved by day 56. There were no clinical abnormalities in a cat throughout the treatment.



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