The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Infections with equine herpesviruses(EHVs) are widespread in equine populations worldwide. Whilst EHV-1 produces well-documented reproductive losses in equids, the role of asinineherpesviruses-5 (AHV-5) to induce abortion is still enigmatic. In the present study, EHV-1 and AHV-5 were detected in aborted fetuses of Arabian horses in Egypt by consensus nested PCR of DNA polymerase gene, with a trial for viral isolation on Rabbit Kidney 13 cell line (RK-13) and identification by indirect immunofluorescence. The partial analysis of DNA polymerase gene sequence revealed that the Egyptian strains EHV-1 and AHV-5 were related to Australian origin EHV-1 838/89 (Accession. no, KF434370) and Austrian strain AHV-5 isolate 1323 (Accession. no, KC825357) by 98.3% and 98.6 % respectively. In conclusion, this was the first detection and isolation of AHV-5 in Egypt, and to our knowledge, this represents the first report of AHV-1 detection from an aborted fetus worldwide.

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