The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


A 3.5-year-old, 3.9 kg, intact, male Persian cat was presented at the hospital for chronic multifocal nodular dermatitis. The lesions with ulcerated nodules and yellow granular discharge were found mainly on the body and tail. Fungal culture was positive to Microsporum canisand skin biopsy revealed multifocal extensive fungal granuloma throughout necrotic fibrosis. The cat was treated with itaconazole for 4 months and the lesions were slightly improved. The skin nodules localized on the body, except the tail, were eventually removed. Approximately 1 month after surgery, the cat was vaccinated with inactivated vaccine against mycotic disease caused by Microsporum canistwo-week apart for two treatments. There was no recurrence of the dermatophyte infection at least 8 months after surgical treatment.

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