The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The aim of this study was to determine the screening for antimicrobial properties against mastitis pathogens of turmeric extract in combination with various antiseptics. The antibacterial effects of turmeric extract in combination with various antiseptics (5% povidone iodine, 0.5% v/v hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), 0.5% v/v chlorine (Cl2), and 0.5% v/v chlorhexidine) were determined using the agar welldiffusion method. Results showed that additional turmeric extract had significantly decreased the antimicrobial activities of either Cl2or chlorhexidine against almost all mastitis pathogens, except S. agalactiaefor Cl2 and gram negative bacteria for chlorhexidine. In contrast, no negative effect was found between turmeric extract and H2O2 against most mastitis pathogens. In addition, a positive antimicrobial effect of turmeric extract and H2O2 against other Streptococcusspp was found. In conclusion, H2O2was the only antiseptic that can combine with turmeric extract and might support the advantages of the combination to improve wound healing and the antiseptic properties of H2O2for further development for a future antiseptic product for teat dipping, especially for cows with teat end score damage.

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