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A 14-year-old neutered female mixed breed dog weighing 12 kg was admitted at the in-patient unit of The Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Chulalongkorn University in October 2017 with clinical signs of depressed, anorexia, weakness and continuous vomiting. However, no sign of abdominal pain was found. History taking showed that the dog had gait disorientation due to central nervous system disorder. The dog also had murmur heart sound graded IV/VI without sign of cardiac disease since June 2017. The echocardiogram was performed which the results showed that the dog had moderate degenerative mitral valve disease (DMVD) with mild tricuspid regurgitation. The fractional shortening was 43% while the ratio of the diameter of left atrium and aorta (LA/Ao) was 1.24. The angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor and furosemide were prescribed since then. Blood profiles indicated metabolic alkalosis (pH 7.488) with HCO3- of 29 mmol/L. All electrolytes were in normal range. Ultrasonography showed unremarkable findings except hyperechoic hepatopathy with cysts and nodules.

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