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Ascarids are common endoparasites in psittacines. Fenbendazole has been reported for treatment of ascarid infection in many avian species. In this study, the efficacy of fenbendazole against Ascaridia spp. in large macaws was evaluated. Seventeen pairs of naturally infected large macaws were divided into 3 groups. Birds in group 1 (6 pairs) were treated with fenbendazole per os at 35 mg/kg and repeatedly on day 10. Birds in group 2 (5 pairs) were treated with fenbendazole mixed in feed at 35 mg/kg and repeatedly on day 10. Birds in group 3 (6 pairs) served as untreated control group. Ascarid eggs in feces were counted before treatment, on the first day after the first medication and on days 1, 14, 28, 42, 56, 70 and 84 after the second medication. Results showed that ascarid egg count of both treatment groups dropped dramatically after the second medication. The overall efficacy of fenbendazole per os and mixed in feed was 94.7 % and 83.1%, respectively. No adverse side effects were found. The results indicated that two doses of fenbendazole could be effectively used for ascarid infection treatment in large macaws.

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