The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The objective of this study was to compare blood glucose concentrations obtained from two portable blood glucose meters (PBGM), Sure-step™ and Accucheck™, with reference method, glucose oxidase test. Blood samples were collected from dogs consulting in Small Animal Hospital, Chulalongkorn University. A hundred and thirty four blood samples were collected in the study. Blood glucose concentrations were measured by using Sure-step™, Accucheck™ and glucose oxidase method respectively in all samples. The intra-class correlation was determined to evaluate the correlation between each PBGM and glucose oxidase test. The range of the blood glucose concentrations was 31.47 to 347.49 mg/dl. Overall intra-class correlation showed significant (p<0.05) in comparison of two PBGMs with the standard method (r=0.847 and 0.839 for Sure-step™ and Accucheck™ respectively). Range of 15% deviation from reference method-value was accepted to access PBGMs clinically. The greater percentage of sample in particular range was observed in Sure-step™ (42.86%) rather than Accucheck™ (22.56%). In conclusion, although commercially available PBGM provided blood glucose concentration reasonably close to those obtained with reference method, Sure-step™ seemed to be more accurate than Accucheck™. However the utilization of these devices in terms of clinical decision could lead to erroneous in some cases.

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