The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Acute and subchronic tests on the toxicity and reproductive effects of aqueous ethanolic extract of rhizomes of Lasia spinosa Thw. was studied in male rats. In the acute test, oral administration of 5, 10, 20, 40 g/kg of the extract showed no mortality or behavioral changes. In the subchronic test, administration of 5 or 20 g/kg of the extract for 28 days revealed no mortality of the animals. No differences in hematological parameters were observed in either control or treatment groups of both tests. For blood chemistry analysis in both tests, triglycerides in treatment rats were significantly decreased compared to the control ones. However, no significant changes occurred in other parameters. There was no significant difference in the weight of whole body and organ between the control and treatment animals of both acute and subchronic tests. Pathologically, no significant changes of gross and histopathology were observed in both the control and treatment rats. For reproductive effects, significant increase in testicular weight and epididymal sperm count was observed. However, no changes in serum testosterone were found. In summary, oral administration of the extract of L. spinosa produced no toxic changes in acute and subchronic toxicity tests. Moreover, the extract had potential for increasing reproductive function in male rats.

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