The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Eleven microsatellite loci were evaluated for genetic profiles of Thai domestic elephants (Elephas maximus indicus) and their suitability as genetic markers for molecular testing. A total of 66 animals were tested. 10 out of 11 loci could be amplified and they demonstrated polymorphism with allelic numbers per locus ranging from 7 (LaT06) to 39 (LaT18). Values of expected heterozygosity (He) and Polymorphic Information Content (PIC) were between 0.6449 (LaT17) – 0.9593 (LaT05) and 0.5934 (LaT17) – 0.9578 (LaT05), respectively. Analysis of the ten microsatellite markers revealed Combined Exclusion Probability (CEP) of 99.99998783% or 1.2167 x 10-7 and 99.91% confident for individual verification, suggesting that using all these loci together as a set of genetic markers is an extremely powerful tool for the unique identification. In addition, this set of microsatellite markers provides a qualified system for fingerprinting purposes and parentage testing in Thai domestic elephants.

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