The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Sanipa Suradhat


Activation of the immune system is regulated through several mechanisms, within the system itself and by other body systems, in order to maintain disease resistance, and prevent immune-mediated disorders within the host. It is well accepted that the immunological, physiological, behavioral, and psychological state of an animal are closely linked and the factors affecting one feature of the network can influence the rest of the system.In recent years, our understanding of the interactions between the neuroendocrine network (i.e. the hypothalamicp tuitary- adrenal axis, HPA) and immune-mediated inflammatory reactions has expanded enormously. This article outlines the nature of the immuno-neuroendocrine network and the implications of these interactions on swine health management strategies. In addition, various factors including stress, nutrition, genetics, the cost of immune activation and disease resistance will be explored under the context of the immune-neuroendocrine network.

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