The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


288 kidneys complete with renal arteries and abdominal aorta, were collected from 144 dogs (75 males and 69 females), dissected and studied according to the number, branch, length and position of the renal arteries bifurcation. The positions of the left and right renal arteries were also observed. Double renal arteries were noted in 14 of 144 dogs (9.72%) but only on the left side. Single renal arteries had one to six branches. Most kidneys had 2 (39.42%) or 3 (33.58%) branches. The bifurcation mostly occurred in the middle of the renal artery (60.61%). Only ten kidneys (3.65%) were supplied by a renal artery that had no branch. The patterns of double renal artery were single - single (21.43%); single - branched (57.14%) and branched - branched (21.43%). The right renal arteries, departing from the aorta, were higher, or at the same level, and longer than the left.

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