The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


An epidemiological investigation of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in Sawang Arom Dairy Co-operatives farm, between September-December 1998, found that 59 dairy farms holding 720 cattle, reported outbreak of the disease. Clinical examination revealed clinical signs in 65.55% of farms. Abortion (2.08%), stillbirth (0.83%) and mortality (0.83%) were found among the sick animals. The outbreaks were evident after introducing animals into farms where pregnant cows and calves were not vaccinated. Control of disease was achieved after 9 weeks following vaccination with trivalent- FMD vaccine (type O, A, Asia 1) which was given to all ≥ 3 mo. old calves and pregnant cows. The development of the farmers’ understanding of disease control, was essential to stop this outbreak. The economical loss was approximately 563,810 baht (1,129.87 baht/head) and was calculated from the production loss and the medication used. The outbreak of disease, after interviewing the farmers. It was believed that the outbreak was possibly related to a misunderstanding by them over FMD vaccination. FMD vaccination had been thought to be contraindicated in pregnant cows and 3-6 month old calves.

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