The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


During 1997-1998, a serological survey of equine infectious diseases in Thailand was undertaken. Blood, sera and blood smears were taken from 400 horses, donkeys and mules out of an equine population of 8,600. Tests were carried out at the National Institute of Animal Health, Bangkok, Thailand, and at the USDA laboratories, USA, for 10 diseases. There was no evidence of the presence of African Horse Sickness, Glanders, Dourine, Surra and Equine Viral Arteritis. There was one reactor to Babesia caballi and 62 to Babesia equi. Fourteen reactors to equine influenza virus subtype 1 (Praque) and 24 to subtype 2 (Newmarket 2) were detected. There were only 3 reactors to Equine Herpesvirus-4 (EHV-4), and none to EHV-1. There were 27 reactors to Equine Infectious Anemia. Antibodies to Japanese Encephalitis Virus were found in 370 animals. The results indicated that Thailand was free from many important equine diseases, which was a requirement for European Union approval of equine health status at the Equestrian Events of the 13th Asian Games held in Thailand in December 1998. They were also important in helping the control of these infectious diseases in Thailand.

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