The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


The proto-oncogenes homologous to the c-myc, c-ros-1, c-yes-1, and v-Ki-ras oncogenes of genomic DNAs in buffaloes, dogs, cats and ducks were investigated with Southern blot hybridization. High molecular-weight-genomic DNAs in each of the animals animals contained proto-oncogenes showing more than 65% homology of the proto-oncogenes differed in both number and approximate molecular weight: i.e. one or two bands at 1.6 to 18.0 kilobase (kb) in the c-myc probe, one band at 1.1 to 15.0 kb in the c-ros-1 probe, one to five bands at 0.3 to 18.0 kb in the c-yes-1 probe, and one to five bands at 1.6 to 18.0 kb in the v-Ki-ras probe. The degree of autoradiographic signal strength of each band among these animals was inconsistent for each probe. The results obtained should provide some data for molecular biological studies of tumors in domestic animals in Thailand.

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