The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


This study examined the correlations between some sexual behaviour parameters and semen characteristics. Five mature crossbred boars were housed individually and were trained for semen collection using a dummy sow in a collection pen. Semen was collected twice weekly from each boar by the gloved-hand technique during the 4-week study period. Forty-three ejaculates were obtained from these experimental boars. The following individual sexual behaviour activities of the boars towards the dummy sow were recorded during semen collection time to first mount, time to penile extension, time to commencement of ejaculation, time from first mount to penile extension and duration of ejaculation. The correlations between sexual behaviour and semen characteristics and amomg the individual semen characteristics themselves were analysed. Positive correlations were found between the duration of ejaculation and total volume (r=0.42 P<0.01, n=43); and the gel free volume (r=0.44 P<0.01, n=43) and total sperm count in the ejaculate (r=0.38 P<0.05, n=43). A positive correlation was also found between the ejaculate volume and total sperm count (r=0.31 P<0.05, n=43). Large differences between and within boars in sexual behaviour and semen characteristic parameters were evident.

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