The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Toltrazuril in drinking water in the concentration of 25 and 50 ppm were given to 2 layer replacement pullet groups for 8 hours each period. To enhance immunity production, totrazuril using in the prevention programme was given as a single 5 and double 10 days intervals alternately in chickens 10 days of age onward. Group 3 was a non-medicated control. Clinical and subclinical of coccidiosis could be observed in week 6 in groups 1 and 3. The infected groups were treated with toltrazuril 25 and 50 ppm in drinking water for 24 and 8 hours respectively. Coccidiosis was not observed on day 5 after treatment. Prevention of coccidiosis in replacement pullets by using toltrazuril in drinking water might be the other alternative.

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