The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Two hundred and forty buffaloes of different age groups (1 month to more than 5 years) were randomly selected to study the rate of liver fluke infection. Sixty buffaloes heavily infected with liver fluke were selected to study the variation of fluke eggs in every month throughout the year. Two snail habitats were randomly selected to study the population of snail intermediate host of the live fluke, Lymnaea auricularia rubiginosa. The eggs of Fasciola gigantica were first detected in the feces of buffalo calves as early as less than one month of age. The infection rate in all age groups of buffaloes was 47.1 per cent, varied from 15 percent in buffalo calves less than one month of age to 75 percent in adult buffaloes more than 5 years old. The number of fluke eggs varied from month to month throughout the year, with low numbers in April and June, and high numbers in May and August. No snail intermediate host of liver fluke was found in any month throughout the year.

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