The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


An experiment of 4 months {June to September, 1985) duration was conducted at UPLB using 13 nondescript does and one vasectomized buck to determine the effectiveness of FSH and PMSG in superovulation. With the equal dose of 2.5 mg. per doe, FSH was injected intramuscularly twice a day, morning and afternoon, starting on day 10-11 of the estrous cycle. PGF. was injected intramuscularly on the 4th day of FSH treatment with the dose of 10 mg. per doe. Likewise, PMSG was admistratered at a single dose of 1.000 I.U. intramuscularly on day 15-17 of the estrous cycle followed by PGF2α 2-3 days later. Laparotomy was performed at day 5-7 after PGF2α -induced estrus to determine ovarian activity. Results showed that the dosages of FSH and PMSG used in this experiment proved effective in inducing superovulation in goats although considerable variability of response to both gonadotrophins were noted. Higher ovulation rate was attained with FSH with FSH treatment treatment than with PMSG treatment.

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