The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Epididymal dysfunction causes infertility or lowering of the fertility in male animal. However, no corresponding investigation of epididymal dysfunction in boars have been reported in Thailand. By clinical and semen examination of 277 boars from 11 farms at Nakorn-Pathom province being examined during January 1985 August 1986, 4 were diagnosed as epididymal dysfunction. Poor sperm motility (15.4 ± 4.7} and a very high incidence of single bent tail {53.9 ± 15.4% were found in all those four boars while semen Volume, sperm concentration and other sperm morphology were comparable to normal boar semen picutre. The testicles and epididymides were histologically normal. One defected boar was tested for fertility by mating to three sows but all sows were not conceived.

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