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Nineteen ejaculates were collected from each of 4 swamp buffalo bulls (Bubalus bubalis) twice a week during a period of 2 months. Split semples were extended in (1) egg yolk - Tris diluent (2) Laiciphos 478 and (3) egg yolk Citrate diluent. Diluted se- men ples were equilibrated at 4-8° c for 4-8 hrs. and packed in 0.25 ml French straws. Each sample was frozen in liquid nitrogen vapour at different temperature levels -60°c, -80°c, -100°c and -120°c for 10 minutes. After one week storage in liquid nitrogen the post thaw motility was determined. There was no significant difference of the post thaw motility between egg yolk Tris and Laiciphos 478 diluent but they were significantly higher than egg yolk Citrate. It was also shown that the post thaw motility at --120°c freezing temperature was not significantly higher compared to at -100°c and-80°c (P > 0.05) but significantly better than -60°c (P < 0.05) in both egg yolk Tris and Laiciphos 478 diluent.

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