The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Male Buffalo rats were fed a control basal diet and diet containing a. α -BHC (500 ppm); b. AFB1 (1 ppm); and c. α -BHC (500 ppm) plus AFB1 (1 ppm) for period of 5,10,15,35, weeks. The diets were then replaced with Chow pellets for 30 weeks. The livers of the fed α-BHC or α-BHC plus AFB1 were markedly increased in size and exhibited centrolobular hepatic hypertrophy in comparison with the livers of the rats receiving AFB1 alone or those of the control. By Week 35, α-BHC produced large hepatic cytoplasmic inclusions and these changes were reversible at week 65. Possible mechanisms of inhibitory effects of α-BHC on AFB1 induced hepatocarcinogenesis is also proposed.

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