The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine


Fixatives and stains for identification of elastic fibers was conducted and evaluated. Parts of thoracic and abdominal aorta were obtained from normal Thai native dogs. Tissues were fixed immediately in Bouin's, Buffered 10% Formalin, Zenker's and Susa solutions for 24 hours. Long and cross paraffin sections were cut at 6 um and stained with different methods including Hart's, Verhoeff's Hematoxylin, Taenzer Unna-Orcein, Gomori's Aldehyde Fuchsin and Combined Resorcin-Crystal Violet-Periodic Acid-Schiff's reagent. Criteria of evaluation were based on the high degree of stainability of coarse and fine elastic fibers and contrast in a short period of time. From five different techniques, Taenzer Unna-Orcein exhibits best results when stained for 30 minutes and 0.25% metanil yellow solution for 5 minutes as a counterstain. It is a simple and most convenient method which is recommended for routine work, in histology and histopathology. All fixatives had no effect on the staining properties of elastic fibers.

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