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Purpose: The objective of the current study is to develop gastroretentive formulation for flavoxate HCl using polymers of natural and semisynthetic origin in appropriate composition. Flavoxate HCl, a smooth muscle relaxant, mainly used for treating urinary incontinence, urgency of urination. Materials and Methods: Floating tablets of flavoxate HCl were prepared using variable amounts of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) K100M and Lannea coromandelica gum (LCG) with effervescent mixtures as per 32 factorial design by direct compression technique. Amount of release modifiers need to get sustained drug release was labeled as factors. On the other hand, time taken for drug dissolution were labeled as responses (time required for obtaining 10% dissolution, time required for obtaining 50% dissolution, time required for obtaining 75% dissolution, and time required for obtaining 90% dissolution). Results and Discussion: Nine formulations were obtained as per design, formulated, and evaluated for quality control parameters. Results reveals that all formulations passed the pharmacopoeial tests. Data obtained from the dissolution study fitted well to kinetic modeling, kinetic parameters were determined. Polynomial equations were derived for responses and checked for validity. Conclusion: FX5 composed of 40 mg of HPMC K100M and 40 mg of LCG, is the best formulation showing similarity f2 = 84.65, f1 = 4.3 with the marketed product (URISPAS). Formulation FX5 follows first order, whereas release mechanism found to be non-Fickian type (n = 0.76).


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

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