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This article aims to analyze the emergence and transformation of orchard-based fl oating markets in Suan Nai Bangkok in Thonburi district, Bangkok and Suan Nok Bangchang, Samut Songkhramprovinces on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River Delta, Thailand. Riverside settlements originated as ridge and groove orchard farming and developed into a complex water network of fl oating markets as the trading centers of the regional community. However, the development of roads as the main routes for transportation has altered the larger regional system from water to land-based distribution and communication. From an analysis using geo-informatics and the Space Syntax confi gurational model, as well as information from in-depth interviews and surveys, it was found that Suan Nai Bangkok has completely changed into an urban settlement while Suan Nok Bangchang has still sustained its complex water network and socio-cultural value where some fl oating markets are able to maintain their traditional roles while others have mainly been transformed for tourism purposes leading to riverside community revival and eco-tourism development.

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