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This article is the result of the study on changes in the use of canalside buildings on Amphawa Canal, Samut Songkhram Province from 2001 to 2009, resulting from thecontinuous conservation and regeneration projects of Amphawa community since 2001. The study shows that there were altogether 351 building units, most of which were old houses dating back to the days when Amphawa was the center of waterborne traffic and trade of Samut Songkhram. Most of the building units served primarily residential purposes while the remainder served both residential and commercial purposes and quite a number were left unused. In 2009 clear changes in their uses were observed with the number of building units along the canal rising to 369. Most of them were renovated and repaired to accommodate tourism to function as restaurants, souvenir shops and places of accommodation for tourists; thus signaling a decline in the use of buildings for residential purposes. This shift result partly from the successful projects for conservation and regeneration of the Amphawa community with the involvement of the local community and administration within the framework of sustainable development and His majesty the King's sufficiency economy.

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