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This research analyzes the urban expansion of Nakhonrachasima City, the regional centerof Northeastern Thailand, in terms of water demand and water usage in the Lam TaKong Watershed. Lam Ta Kong Watershed has had a severe water shortage problem for a longtime. Nakhonrachasima City is a small city with 172,387 persons. The results show that theurbanization effect on changing land use rapidly and increases water consumption. The trendof the water consumption rate in Nakhonrachasima increases at a high rate. Presently, waterconsumption in the city is 64,336 cu m/d and the water consumption rate is 358 lcd, which ishigh when compared with the standard water supply design of Thailand. In terms of urbanexpansion, the agricultural area decreases by 2.76 sq km/yr on average and may soon be spent.The population decreases while the water usage tent to increases. Moreover, the urbanizationalso affects water usage in the city. The water consumption level per person in NakhonrachasimaCity in 2024 was 513 lcd, which was a very high rate, 1.48 times higher than the standard watersupply design of Thailand. Although the current water usage of Nakhonrachasima City is only22.16 % of the overall usage of the Lam Ta Kong Watershed and will be 35 % in the future.However, the water allocation policy in Lam Ta Kong Watershed is set the first priority forNakhonrachasima City will cause a conflict in water usage between the urban and the agriculturalsector in the watershed and these problems may encourage to social conflict later.

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