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An architects, we tend to speak about man's need (function) for shelter from theenvironment and security from his enemies - is as a product of the building processinvolving the use of materials, construction and technology, developed within the constraintof the site, climate and environment, financial, labour and skills. Through the years andcenturies this architecture has the ability to carry out diverse functions and form.Concerning heritage conservation and management, the Amphawa water-based communityconservation has something absolutely refreshing, towards the means and purpose of preservingits heritage in holistic manner. With the strong support from the local community and AmphawaMunicipality, the preservation project by the Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University(C.U.), the Thai Cultural Environment Project (TCEP) and the Danish InternationalDevelopment Assistance (DANIDA) have succeeded in turning the place into a well conservedyet vibrant community. However, the test of time will tell whether the project is sustainable - as monitoring and maintenance are essential to sustain the project in a long term.

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